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Drafting Sample Employee Discipline Letter

It is important to remember a court can use the letter as legal evidence in the future, so it is important to draft a copy and have someone else in the human resource department review it. It is helpful to have templates ready ahead of time that management has drafted and reviewed with the help of legal counsel.

The sample employee discipline letter we provided is a guide. The idea behind the discipline letter is to provide a paper trail for future reference.

If the employee’s behavior does not improve, then managers can use this invaluable documentation to clarify the procedures taken to warn the employee that they may lose their job if they did not change.


Graceful Termination of Employee

Termination of employee is easier than you think. Here's a fool-proof procedure.



Most of the time, the termination of employee occurs when the employee has done something to deserve getting fired. In this case you won’t have much trouble telling the employee that you are letting them go.

When you realize that firing someone will improve morale and your business productivity, you can sleep at night.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the circumstances when terminating employees. Sometimes financial issues or downsizing will require you to ax a good employee, or even one that you liked personally. This is always much harder to do, and you will need more emotional support.

Here's how to ease the separation pain for you and the good employee.

You should begin by drafting a termination letter. In it you must be honest about what has lead to the termination of employees. Don’t sugarcoat your reasons, as this may lead the employee to feeling patronized or lied-to. If you had to choose him or her because of the lowest sale rate, explain that. If it's based on the work performance of the person's entire department that you are laying off -- then say those. Honestly is the best tool to make a termination more bearable.

Kind Termination of Employee

Another way to help the termination is to aid the employee in any future endeavors he or she may have. If you feel the employee was genuinely hardworking and honest, you should offer to write a letter of recommendation or act as a reference for future employers in the job search.

You should even call up your business acquaintances and personally refer the employee to the new employer. This will make the termination much less painful, since you are showing a personal vote of confidence in the employee (and showing the termination is because of financial issues rather than performance).

When you feel the employee has served you well during his or her time of employment, you should do all you can to make it on him or her.

When termination of employee is critical, here's how to protect your business.

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